Got Content? These 3 Video Trends Will Kick Your Website Up Another Notch in 2022

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Remember Emeril Lagasse? The Famous TV chef? He was best known for kicking his food up a notch by adding extra spices and seasoning to his dishes. He’d throw them on and yell BAM! People loved it. There were t-shirts even – but this was all before memes caught on.

Now is your chance to look out across the rest of the year and stake your claim to great content. Amazing content. Content that talks and content that walks. BAM! Kick it up a notch with words that move! 2022 has just begun, and after watching the trends we’ve got 3 Great Video Marketing Tips just for you!

We Have Your SEO Covered. Videos Contain Words = Great for SEO

Your website has words. A lot of words. Your competitor has words. Your brother-in-law has words on his website, too. What website doesn’t have words? Words are not trending. Everybody is watching videos. We watch 3.5 hours of videos a day! You need videos on your website.

Wait, wait, wait! Slow down, Hapity. What about my SEO? How will Google find my words inside a video? No worries. We have one word for you: transcripts. What is the average length of a blog post? Perhaps 1000 words? The average number of words spoken in a 15-minute video is 2000 words. In a 30 minute video, almost 5000 words! Imagine how long it would take you to type all those, right? Do the video. Get the transcript. For the win!

Video Marketing Trend #1 to Kick Your Content Up a Notch: Super Short Videos

Let’s face it. We all have really short attention spans. Think of all those videos you see on TikTok and Instagram. The Reels and the video memes. Crazy. They say a lot in a few seconds, and more importantly, we remember them!

If your video ends before someone decides to stop watching, or the skip option on YouTube appears, then all your content will be seen. Wicked, right? Super short videos are really the future. And they’re catching on. You might know them as Bumper Ads or Pre-Roll Ads, too. Just repurpose the same principle for your video.

The challenge of short videos is to create awesome storytelling that lasts a maximum of 10 seconds. Six seconds is better, but perhaps you need to try a 10-second video first. Walk before you run. Short videos are also really useful to tease people long enough to want more, more, MORE! The secret here is using fast-paced visuals that grab attention, get people sharing and talking, and coming back for the next installment.

Everybody loves a story, so use Video Tip #1 together with our next Tip!

Video Marketing Trend #2 to Kick Your Content Up a Notch: Successive StoryTelling

You saw the word “success” there, didn’t you? That’s not coincidental. By combining storytelling with super short videos, you can keep people on your website longer than with a stunning image. How much longer? According to Google, about 74% longer!

You are probably asking yourself, how do I tell a story? Here are some guiding principles for a great story to help you out:

  • Coincidences and mistakes are important to any story. What happens next?
  • Done is better than perfect, so set an endpoint. Just do it!
  • Take a stand about something! Sitting on the wall trying to please everyone is boring.
  • The only thing that matters is what your audience cares about.

So take your 30-minute video, and break it down into the 15-minute core. What’s the problem people have, how will this video solve it for them, and how can your customers buy what you’re selling? 1-2-3.

Tease your video out into five short videos, and post them sequentially over a week on your social media and website. See what happens!

Our third video content tip is a nice win for you, too. You’ve got your short videos, you’ve built them into great stories, and now you’re going to sit back and let your customers take it all to the next level. How? With user-generated content!

Video Marketing Trend #3 to Kick Your Content Up a Notch: User-Generated Videos

There is no better story than the one your customer is telling. You can save racking up agency costs to create fictional stories and people by letting your users get on board. Social media is where we used to see user-generated videos, but now they’re going viral. From TikTok to commercials, these videos look really authentic, and the story being told is coming from the mouths of your customers. How’s that for advocacy?

Why is user-generated content so important? I mean, why not just make our own? Did you know that 39% of the media we consume is user-generated? 39%! (link)

Forget about creating a buzz around your product, offering rewards, or any of the other ways you’ve heard about. Go back to the bullet list in Tip #2. “The only thing that matters is what your audience cares about.” Word. Find out what your audience is talking about, and get on board with them. Give them a vehicle to turn those words you’re talking about into movement and sound.

Remember – user-generated content is not about your product – it’s about your customers. If they feel heard and seen, they will make an effort to generate content and share it online.

“Back in 2020, the marketers at Wyzowl conducted a survey that found people share videos twice as often as other content types and that nearly 90% of those surveyed had watched a company video that convinced them to purchase a particular product or service. Those numbers have only continued to climb.” StoryTeller Media & Communications

Remind Me Again – Why Do I Need Videos?

We love video marketing. We can’t lie. Honestly? You don’t need videos; your customers do. Video marketing isn’t a trend, and it’s not going away. It’s the way we market today. Think about the last time you had the option to read the PDF documentation or watch the 6 minute video tutorial. Exactly. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and set up your video equipment. But don’t get scared off by the words! Video equipment means different things to most normal people and, let’s say, Steven Spielberg. Do you have a smartphone? A microphone? A light? You’ve got your video equipment!

Now you have your equipment; you need an idea. You probably have enough of those yourself, so that we won’t bother you with a list. Think about some of the videos you’ve enjoyed watching. Videos that helped you solve a problem. Maybe they were made while the person was walking down the street, shopping, or even answering their emails. The KISS principle works here just as well as it does for your written content. Keep it Short and Simple.

Make a video webinar that solves a problem.

Make an exercise video – that benefits you AND your viewers!
Everyone loves food – make a video about food – everyone loves to E-A-T.

What we want to say is that video is easy. Just do it. BAM!!

Hapity Loves Video Marketing

Because we love bloggers, we love video marketing. We help bloggers quickly publish video broadcasts from their smartphones to their websites. Broadcast live using your phone to your WordPress website.

A smartphone, a connection, and Hapity.

And You.


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