Why Are You Afraid of Going Live On Video?

bridget willard going live with her iphone 13 max

Two years into the pandemic with Zoom Fatigue being a real thing, we’re all still so shy about being on video. But you know what? We need to connect with other humans. Not all of our videos need to be super polished and “professional” – whatever that means.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Mirror (Screen)?

Most of us are afraid of looking at ourselves in a mirror let alone being on video. It’s normal. Being on video is akin to standing on a stage or public speaking. But you know what? The more you do it the better you get. And, if you’re ready to binge-watch speaking and podcasting tips by yours truly, then head over to my playlist by the same name.

But seriously, it is hard. I’ve just done so many video podcasts, videos, and Zoom meetings that I was over it before the pandemic even hit. You can get used to it and accept yourself for you who are.

“It’s taxing on us. It’s stressful. And there’s lots of research showing that there are negative emotional consequences to seeing yourself in a mirror.” Jeremy Bailenson

Going Live on Video is Liberating

Seriously. Going live on video is liberating when you stop obsessing over how you look. I mean, brush your teeth, but just do it. Everyone has done it the last two years from late night TV hosts, to news anchors, to the C-Suite. Once you realize that celebrities and personalities like Mel Robbins go live without a full-face of makeup or a five-o-clock shadow for the gentlemen, you realize you can, too.

No one is good at something the first time they try it. So why not get to practice? Make yourself a schedule. Stick to it.

Did You Know You Can Connect Your YouTube Account?

When you log in to the Hapity Account Dashboard from your browser, you have an option to sign in via Google to connect your YouTube account. How cool is that!

screenshot of bridget's youtube video streamed by Hapity
Hapity will use your YouTube Channel Art as the default image. You’ll see your video on the live section of your channel page or in the familiar uploads.

screenshot showing the live broadcast in uploads

Don’t Be Afraid of Video. Be Accessible to Your Audience.



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