Build Your Email List (and Your Business Empire) with Webinars Using Hapity

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Having a strong email list is important for any business’s online marketing strategy. But how do you build one? There are tons of different ways to entice people to give you their email–free newsletters, discount codes, or a free ebook are all good possibilities. However, today we’re going to talk about how to use webinars to build your email list.

Why webinars? There are several reasons. First, hosting a webinar will attract people who are really interested in your business. They’re setting aside a chunk of time to listen to you discuss some aspect of your work. This means you’ll be getting a highly-targeted audience who are more likely to buy your product or service than the general public.

Secondly, a webinar can be recorded and used at other times in your marketing. You can offer it for free to people who sign up with their email. You can turn it into a blog post for people to watch whenever they’d like. Share it on your social media channels.

Third, the live webinar is a great time to start conversations with potential clients. Be sure to have a chatbox for questions and leave time to answer them.

Five Elements of a Successful Webinar Campaign

  1. Solve a specific problem for your audience. A webinar should be very focused.
  2. Advertise it on your website and social media. Come up with a catchy title and make a sharable graphic so people can easily invite friends and colleagues.
  3. Keep it to 40 minutes to an hour. Studies show that people start to lose interest between minute 42 and 55. Be sure to have the most important information before then. Reward the most loyal audience members with a live question and answer session at the end.
  4. Use the right tools. Using a streaming service like Hapity allows you to stream on your website and posts straight to Twitter automatically. This increases engagement without any extra work for you!
  5. Send out a recording of the webinar to everyone who signed up. Ask for feedback so you can improve for your next one.

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