If Content is King, Break Out the Camera

Content is king. We know this. It stands to reason that video needs to be part of your content marketing strategy as much as blogging.

If you’re a blogger, you know the importance of the written word — how to make something readable and maybe even shareable.

Writing is a beautiful thing. It can be an outlet for emotion, whether it’s writing opinion pieces, reviews, recipes, whatever’s your poison.

Well-written, structured content is brilliant and kudos to you for creating it.

You really should be doing more, though. How so?

Writing and Video Are Publishing

Writing is just one part of publishing these days.

An important one granted, but adding video into the mix, that’s going to put you on a whole other level.

I’m going to be straight with you here.

Your Blog Needs Video for Branding

I cannot stress how important video is for your blog/brand.

Video content is becoming a real game changer for bloggers and it’s what’s separating them from other blogs in similar circles.

It’s a way to communicate directly with readers, address points, be human about things, educate, and, of course, to connect.

If you write in your own personal tone, being in front of a camera is the least of your problems.

Being you and helping others, offering tips, guidance if needs be, or training perhaps. It’s all eyes on you and your blog/brand.

People Buy People

If they can see what you’re about, hear what you have to say, your blog content is going to stand out. You’ll find people will sit up and take notice.

Make Your Content Sharable

Video content gets shared by the shedload.

Want a case in point?

The firm I worked for had a corporate video made. We went off-kilter and had some fun with it.

I lost count of how many views we received on Facebook, people liking and sharing—pushing our brand/corporate message to friends and family, potential new clients, etc. You do the math.

  • Did it generate business for us? Yes.
  • Did it get the word out about our company? Yes.

That’s the power of video content, and it’s an incredibly important one, now more than ever.

Have you written an article that stands out?

Great, I’m pleased for you. How about turning it into a video?

Why not re-read your blog content, see how it could translate into a video.

  • Could you narrate some of it?
  • Show people your point, give examples?
  • Address a problem and give a solution?
  • Does it lend itself to video content?

If so, make that video. It’s another bite of the cherry and new way to reach out to new audiences.

Audit Your Blog

Take a moment to read your blog. Audit it.

Why not go through old blog posts, revisit them, look at older content that’s still relevant, and make a video-based around it?

Revive it. Make it shine. Standout. Whatever you need to do to get it out there, do it.

Creating video content is a fun process; it keeps you sharp and, believe it or not, it makes you think more about what you have to say.

Video Complements Well-Written Content

On the one hand, your well-written content; in the other, a video.

Why not have both? Everyone’s different. Some favor the written word while others prefer video content.

Increase your audience and cater to them both. You’ll be incredibly glad you did. You have nothing to lose and the opportunity to gain a new audience and grow your brand/blog.

In a built-up sea of content, video is going to make all the difference. Be seen. Be visible.

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