Why Live Streaming on Your Website is Good for Open Houses

Let’s talk about video marketing.

Video marketing is one of the largest growing strategies for boosting your brand, and there is good reason for that.

Not only are customers drawn to video, but video has been proven to increase conversion and increase your presence on social media and in google search.

With the current homestay orders and quarantines, businesses are forced to adapt and find effective ways to market and do business. That makes video one strategy that can level up your real estate game!

First, I want to share some of the direct benefits of using video for showcasing your open houses and other in-person real estate functions.

For one thing, customers like to see, and engage with videos. It has been noted in multiple surveys over the last decade that consumers typically prefer video to images or text. Consumers increasingly say that they watch work-related videos regularly.

Because of this, people share videos more often than other forms of content! If a consumer sees and likes a video, they are likely to share it on social media, leading to an increase in your social media presence.

Secondly, think of all you can share! You can highlight details of the home and discuss its history. Perhaps there are some fun stories you’ve been told about residents or “found” items. If you know the paint colors or the flowers growing in the backyard, you can share that information.

You can also answer questions your audience might need answered to entice them to visit the property. Seeing it LIVE will make the home come to life and is a key reason video marketing exists in real estate. Plus, as they view the property virtually, your audience connectw with you, as well as the house!

Statistics show live streaming increases website conversion

Finally, embedding videos into a landing page was proven to increase conversion rates by 69% in an Unbounce study!

Okay, so now that you’re convinced that video marketing is awesome, the real questions arise. How do you start… and what does this mean specifically for your real estate business?

One of the easiest ways for Realtors® to use video in their business (and one of the most effective), is by picking up your phone, signing into Facebook, and going LIVE. Live streaming easily increases engagement and it is easy, and free, to do!

In a study by Gartner L2, Facebook live streams were shown to have 25% higher engagement rates than non-live videos.

With real estate today, using live streams to showcase your open houses gets more people watching and engaging. Even if those who see it aren’t looking to buy a house, they are likely to share the video with their audience, or share what they saw verbally. This leads to higher social media engagement, which leads to word of mouth, which leads to referrals, resulting in higher conversion rates all around!

The best part is- live videos and streams don’t have to be fancy, edited videos. They don’t take much, when it comes to production cost and are so simple! Also, remember, when streaming, to post the stream on all your social media channels. Get the word out there on multiple levels!

Start with something easy and relatable, like: “I’ve got this incredible open house to show and will be streaming it LIVE in an hour or so!” (and then attach a link).

It’s really that simple.

Once you’ve got your livestream, you can repurpose it into a blog post or include it in your email campaigns. It’s a natural way to generate more content for you to share and promote with your audience.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull out your camera and take your video marketing LIVE right now! It’s time.

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