Got a Book, a Podcast, or Blog? 6 Ways Livestream Video Marketing Brings Your Words to Life

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Video is Still the Number One Entertainment and Messaging Medium

Since the late 1950s, almost everyone has had a video screen sitting in their living room. It’s called television, and we’ve been in love with it since Howdy Doody and I Love Lucy. We’ve moved from that to adding video devices that were first on our desktop, then were portable, and now we’re carrying them in our pockets and wearing them on our wrists — just like the 1930s detective Dick Tracey.

Video is the number one content format. That’s clear. What cat videos began, and the content generation craze helped solidify, the COVID 19 lockdown crowned. Videos are our favored form of content. The second most visited website is YouTube, with 13.34 billion monthly visits. What’s on YouTube? Videos, right.

This is not a new thing either. In between classes at college, many of us ran over to the Student Union Building or the pub across the street and grabbed a quick 1 dollar pint of beer while watching the newest television craze in the 1980s – MTV. Surely, I am not alone with this memory?

“During the third quarter of 2021, online videos recorded an audience reach of 92 percent among internet users worldwide. In recent years, video has become one of the most popular online formats, spanning educational content to product reviews. Music videos recorded the highest category reach, with 51.4 of responding internet users reporting watching music videos online each week.” Statista


What are the Benefits of Livestream Video Marketing?

We’re maybe preaching to the choir here, but if you are new to video marketing, you may be here because your fingers are getting tired of writing. Writing is just one part of publishing these days. With video, you can give your fingers a rest, dust off your makeup bag, and use this excuse to get your makeup light back from your daughter.

The most important benefit of video marketing is trust. Good videos can create an emotional connection between people and your products. Even you are a product! Moving images have a greater emotional impact than stand-alone text and are the key to a long-lasting customer relationship.

Video shows something special about you that people don’t get to see like this, or only very rarely. Video lets people in.

“Blogs are usually less time-consuming to produce than videos. A blog usually takes four to six hours of work, including research, copywriting, revising, links, images, and formatting. Your fans, consumers, and peers want to watch videos, so it isn’t a stretch to believe your customers also want to watch video-based content.” Hapity

How Adding Livestream Video Ups Your Content Marketing Game

  1. Video Creates Trust

No medium conveys emotions as well as video. Reading a blog post, and listening to a podcast, are great, but it is the interplay of moving image and sound that touches us the most — and thus also creates trust. Video lets people connect with you on a deeper level than any other media.

  1. Videos Have Great ROI

Today, content is the first point of contact that can’t be ignored. It’s everywhere! Customers start their journey themselves and use the information they have researched to decide whether a company provides the right solution for their needs.

  1. People Prefer Video

We perceive up to 70 percent with our eyes, which means that the visual senses are the most important.

  1. Videos Rule the Mobile Marketplace

The internet and related services via smartphones are on the rise. Some statistics report as much as 75% of video content is viewed on mobile devices.

  1. Videos (will) Rule the eCommerce Marketplace

Think about this for a moment. People are always on the go, using their mobile devices, watching videos, shopping from where they are at the moment. Retail? You can’t live without video. Have you seen Black House White Market’s Instagram lately? They show you how to pair their items to make a capsule wardrobe. Sadly, it isn’t on their blog.

  1. Google Loves Video

Search engines like Google love (relevant) content presented in unique and diverse forms so that there is something for different types of users. And video is SEO-friendly. That’s a win-win!

Ever Wonder if Your Content is Getting Lost in Translation?

“I can’t believe my eyes!” Ever said that? Outside of a magic trick, our eyes are trustworthy sources of information. Our ears can play tricks on us, and we can all read the same book with a different understanding. Video incorporates sound, words, and pictures into one medium. It gives us one advantage over every other type of medium — that of recall value. It’s hard to forget a pretty face, right?

“The medium is the message” is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan in his book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, published in 1964. Whether it be a social media post, a blog article, a podcast, or a video, the medium used to express your message will influence how that message is perceived.

As content creators, we are always thinking about which medium will be best for our purposes – context, platform, audience – we think about that all the time. We should probably consider how our message appears in various mediums and if any of what we want to say is being lost in translation?

Our content marketing is richer for as many mediums as we can create. Why? We never know how our content will be consumed. Context is King! Or Queen.

Hapity Loves Video Marketing

Because we love vloggers, we love video marketing. We help bloggers – and small businesses – quickly publish video broadcasts from their smartphones to their websites.

What are you waiting for? Broadcast live to your WordPress website with your phone today!

A smartphone, a connection, and Hapity.

And You.

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