Mobile-First Livestreaming for WordPress is Easy with Hapity

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Does livestreaming appeal to you but the tech feels overwhelming? One of the things we’re tremendously proud of at Hapity is the appWordPress solution we’ve created for livestreaming. With people shifting away from Google’s products – including YouTube – Hapity may be the video streaming solution for you.

“I just installed the Hapity plugin on my website, copied and pasted a code, and BAM! I’m up and running! I spent a week doing this with a different service and they wanted many hundreds of dollars per month.” ~ Bruce

Why Mobile-First Livestreaming? 

One of the largest issues people seem to have with video is their own idea that to start, they need to have a television studio’s worth of equipment. Nonsense. We’re all carrying around computers in our hands with better video quality than the affordable video cams we had 10 years ago. 

Movies are being shot on iPhones alone and have been for years. We know video is watched on mobile devices. So why not shoot that way?

How often do you find yourself watching Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, or HBO Max on your mobile device? A mobile device includes tablets, by the way. So why not create content on your phone that people can watch on your WordPress website? With the market share that WordPress has, it’s a win-win!

“The phrase ‘mobile-first’ refers to content — videos, ads, entire websites — that is optimized for mobile devices. This doesn’t mean that mobile-first content only works on mobile devices. Rather, it’s designed with mobile functionality in mind.” Shutterstock

What Can You Livestream From the Hapity App?

You can livestream workout training sessions, sound bath sessions, house concerts of original music, church services, local sporting events (with permission, of course), and more. Virtual open houses? Yep. Webinars? Yep. 

Think about how easy it will be to record video and add content to your blog. Virtual lessons? Easy. Fashion advice? You got it. How about makeup tutorials? Yes. 

This means you don’t have to rely upon Instagram’s Reels or TikTok as your only distribution channels of content. And Instagram just changed its algorithm again. It’s so frustrating when you invest in content on a platform that doesn’t invest in you. 

Please Note Hapity is not suitable for CCTV or Adult Services. Our fair use policy permits us to cut off and not store over long livestreams.

Hapity Loves Video Marketing

Because we love bloggers, we love video embedded in your blog posts. We help bloggers quickly publish video broadcasts from their smartphones to their websites. Broadcast live using your phone to your WordPress website

A smartphone, a connection, and Hapity.

And You.