Why Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a Great Choice for Open-Source Streaming

Open broadcaster software is an excellent choice for open-source streaming. OBS now offered by Hapity provides lots of features and add-ons so you can create unique videos.

Live streaming and video have suddenly become really important. Businesses use them to communicate with customers. Yoga studios are streaming classes. Museums are putting content online. Hapity makes this easy to do with our newest feature!

Open-source streaming software is now available, and you owe it to yourself to check it out! Open broadcaster software or OBS is free and works across Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It’s easy to download. Just make sure your hardware is connected, and you’re ready to start editing videos.

Open broadcaster software includes lots of the features you need to create unique, engaging videos. Here are a few, though this is not an exhaustive list!

Download OBS and Get Started Creating Awesome Custom Videos

1. Multi-video sourcing.

You can use videos from several different sources and devices. This is great if you’re making a video from several different perspectives.

2. Custom transitions and custom layout.

Create transitions and layouts that are unique to your brand and business with open broadcaster software.

3. Image and text overlay.

Add in images or text to overlay on the primary video feed. This allows you to add interest and information or emphasize particular aspects of your video and business.

4. Window capturing.

Capture video from an application to add to main feed or use it by itself. It’s a great feature if you’re explaining how to use certain software.

5. Audio mixing.

Edit audio to make it clearer or add in audio tracks from other sources. This is helpful for your Twitch stream or YouTube.

6. Add-ons.

Many professionals use OBS in a variety of capacities and have created add-ons to improve the experience. If you’re trying to do something in OBS, chances are someone else has already done it and created a how-to video or add-on so you can, too.

OBS is a great option for open-source streaming and an awesome way to enhance your Hapity streaming services. The learning curve can be a bit steep, as it is with most open-source software. However, there’s also a large and helpful community of people sharing knowledge and helping new users make the most of the program.

2 thoughts on “Why Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a Great Choice for Open-Source Streaming

  1. Gray says:

    Where are the broadcast optimized settings for Hapity? Y’all seriously put up an OBS blog without giving OBS settings?

    1. Hapity says:

      Our OBS guide is on our help page.

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