Three Steps to Resolve to Create More Video Content in 2022

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We know that video marketing isn’t going out of style in 2022. Far from it. So why not resolve to create more video content this year? It’s quite simple, really, and more than you might expect, too. It starts with inner resolve and measurable goals. We’ve got three easy steps to creating and sticking to video content goals in 2022.

The First Step to Video Content is Deciding Upon a Goal

What will be your video content goal for 2022? You can’t just say you’ll make “more videos.” More isn’t a goal. It’s not specific. It’s measurable. But it’s not timely or really achievable. Everyone wants more of a lot of things. They don’t want to do the work.

So, break your goal into something achievable. For every month in 2022, create one video. That’s 12 videos a year. Easy. You can do this! Pair this with the blogging prompts in Launch With Words and you can do one written post and one video post per month!

On the 5th of the month, choose the topic. On the 10th create your video or livestream using Hapity (hint hint). Publish your video by the 15th and then you have two more weeks to promote your video on your social channels and in email marketing.

For example:

  • January 5: Choose Topic
  • January 10: Create Video
  • January 15: Publish Video
  • January 16-31: Share Video on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Are you feeling more confident now?

The Second Step to Video Content is Deciding Upon Topics

So, now that you’ll be making a video each month in 2022, what topics will you cover? For this, you have many options. Firstly, you can repurpose blog posts. Take a section out and talk about it on camera for 3-5 minutes. Offer to do an in-depth webinar for 40 minutes on that same topic. Now you’ve created two videos from one blog post.

Open up a Google Sheet or Doc (or Excel/Word) and start brainstorming. What are some questions that people are always asking you? The Launch With Words Starter Pack, for example, has blogging prompts. Import those into your WordPress website and you’ve got your video topics. We believe that if you sit down for about 30 minutes with a notebook and a pen, you’ll come up with twelve topics easily.

You don’t need to worry about fancy editing tools or production quality either. People want to get to know you – the blogger, the businessperson. With livestreaming on Hapity, you don’t have to edit. Livestreams are what they are.

Since the video you record on your phone with the Hapity App is yours, use to turn it into a vertical video for Insta’s Reels or TikTok.

The Third Step to Video Content is Keeping Yourself Accountable

Goals don’t matter unless you achieve them. Well, maybe they do matter, but how will anyone know that you’re embarking on this goal if you don’t tell them and hold yourself accountable? From a simple tweet to talking to your wife or discussing it with the marketing team, using those dates will help you stay on track to achieve your video content goals.

Who will you tell to keep you accountable for video publishing this year?

Hapity Loves Video Marketing

Because we love bloggers, we love video marketing. We help bloggers quickly publish video broadcasts from their smartphones to their websites. Broadcast live using your phone to your WordPress website.

A smartphone, a connection, and Hapity.

And You.

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