The Value Of Video in Your Marketing


Video is a valuable tool in any organization’s marketing strategy. It allows people to connect with you on a deeper level. Video shows micro-expressions, body language, and allows users to hear tone, inflection, and pause in our voices.

Body Language

Written communication lacks so much. We only have word tone and choice as well as emoji to help convey our sentiments. If we use few words we risk sounding terse or off-putting.

But with video, you can use your hand gestures and body to communicate the warmth you intend. That coupled with a great smile can make all the difference to your customers.

The Science of People even recommends sending more videos in your emails.

“We employ a medium that doesn’t differentiate us, doesn’t build rapport, and doesn’t provide clarity nearly as well as if we just looked at people in the eye (or through the camera lens) and simply spoke to them as we have for millennia.” Science of People

Vocal Cues

Pauses and intonation are sorely missing from written text. These can be negative, neutral, or positive. You can convey excitement and joy or disdain and disappointment.

We all communicate with vocal cues. Why not use it to your advantage? It can impact your brand’s message significantly.

“In other words, how we say something is more impactful than what we say. In some studies, nonverbal communication has been shown to carry between 65% and 93% more impact than the actual words spoken.” Darlene Price

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