Video Marketing for Food Bloggers


Video marketing is a strategy on the rise, and it’s no wonder as to why. Food bloggers throughout the world are sharing videos on how to master a technique or create 101 variations on a theme. They are addictive and let’s face it, they are about a subject that is universal… food.

Why must food bloggers must take video marketing seriously?

  • Videos are the content that consumers desire.
  • Videos increase conversion rates.
  • Videos are shareable and perfect for social media.
  • Google loves videos as much as your customers do.
  • Food videos are are authentic, easy, and cheap to create!

Small businesses benefit particularly well when it comes to video marketing, because businesses are built on trust and word-of-mouth. With the perfect blend of ingredients, that word of mouth can go viral.

Video marketing gets consumers familiar with your face, your voice, and your style in order to build trust and credibility. Video marks you as the expert.

How you can use food blogging videos to facilitate growth for your brand?

Starting a food blog is simple and complex all at the same time. You have to decide how you want your brand to be seen, what media platforms to use, what website hosting you need, how much you can spend on making content, and more.

Video marketing addresses all of those questions with one easy solution.

The cost of video marketing is fairly low, which is of course a “Tell me more!” point for any business or brand. It’s truly not about the perfect recipe and a list of ingredients. In many cases, you’ll need to set the “scene,” because nobody likes looking at dirty dishes, but you should also feel comfortable. Make it easy on yourself and have fun!

Videos are quick for your consumers to consume! They don’t need to think deeply, all they need to do is press “play.”

Videos make people stay on your website longer. Having videos on your website is a perfect way to get people to the site, reduce bounce rate and increase conversation!

If that didn’t convince you, then maybe this will. Studies show people prefer videos and they are increasingly becoming the top performing form of content the internet has to offer.

Hopefully by now you are asking, “How do I get started?”

Try these video marketing topics geared to food bloggers:

    1. Tell your story! How did your food blog come to be? Why is food fun or important to you? What makes your blog unique?!
    2. Process Overview: What goes into your food critiques? What is your process? What makes you want to recommend a restaurant? What are your red flags?
    3. Restaurant Interviews: Interview your fan-favorite food places or chefs. Everyone likes to go on location and behind-the-scene!

Those are just a few ideas, but once you get the creative train rolling – who knows where it will take you?!

Video marketing will be good for your food blogging business! That is for sure.

So get up, get out, and get filming!

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